B!Wild - WellnessSpeed, work pressure, stress, frustrations, ... they are energy challengers every day with many companies, their leaders and team members.  But how could you get it working more into balance ?

b!wild applies a couple of natural laws as a red thread for managing the energy of your body, which is the dashboard of your mind and soul.

Thanks to the b!wild wellness techniques you will remark that you will cope better with stress situations and thus stay more easily in your comfort zone.

Out of own experience b!wild is able and keen to offer you a look at some other wellness providers and their qualitative products & services :

  • Robin Sharma : insights & tips by this renowned worldwide leadership advisor helping you to your 'absolute best' in body, mind & soul
  • Breatheology : optimise your breathing, heal emotions and align your body & mind thanks to the tips & exercises by world famous Stig Severinsen, Phd in Medicine and 4x freediving world champion
  • ForeverGreen FGXpress : reduce the tension in your body and renew your joy in life with strips for pain relief/ neutralisation, scar recovery, acne and psoriasis, and overall strengthening of your stamina + skin care strips for face & neck to heal and rejuvenate your skin (FGXpress makes part of the listed ForeverGreen Worldwide Corporation (FVRG), an innovative producer, developer and distributor of health-centered products)